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Month: May 2020

Why Study Political Science?

Political science is a branch of social science that studies the state and the different political factors and forces existing within it. It deals with analyzing political systems and also the theoretical and practical implementation in real life scenarios. Aristotle chose to define this discipline as the study of state. However, in today’s world it is much more complex than that. It intersects different fields, namely economics, sociology, history, anthropology and even public policy. Political scientists today are very sought after. They deal with issues not just regarding the political climate of an area but also the political economy of the world which is a precarious thing.

Today the scope of the subject is very vast. It can be further broken up into five sub categories. These are;

  1. Public law,
  2. International relations,
  3. Comparative politics,
  4. Political theory and
  5. Public administration.

These categories deal with and try to find out how political systems work, what the relationships between institutes in these systems are, how elections can be made fair etcetera. Thus it is safe to say that the scope of the field has widened over the centuries.

Importance of Political Science

The importance of this field essentially lies in its impact. This means that no matter who a person is, he is always somehow impacted by politics. Whether it is global politics or one that is limited to a country or even a district, it has the power to impact lives. As globalization grows political scientists are looked at for developing and understanding relations between states to attain mutual benefits. They are looked to be diplomats, intellectuals and generally world leaders to solve issues of global interest.

They are also heavily relied on by journalists and special interest groups who need to gain an insight into the political system to analyze problems they may be dealing with. A political science background lets you do anything you want. You can even get a position in the corporate sector because large companies always need analysts who help them gain perspective in public domains. This in return helps them with their social responsibility programs. The intellectual skills a person gains when they study this subject enable them to hone their critical thinking and analytical skills. This is why unsurprisingly many political scientists manage to make it big in their careers whether it is in the government or in a fortune 500 company.

A List Of Original Expository Essay Topics Related To Romeo And Juliet

Essay writing is one of the most popular school assignments. There are different types of writing that you should learn to compose, including expository papers. If you are assigned an expository essay about Romeo and Juliet, you should understand how to write it in a proper manner and find a list of possible topics to get inspired.

Writing a Strong Expository Essay: How-To Tips

While you are brainstorming your paper topic, keep in mind what a winning assignment should look like. The expository genre requires investigating a chosen idea, evaluating examples, providing an explanation, and building an argument related to it. Students usually compare, contrast, determine cause and effect, or analyze the topic idea in order to accomplish the goal of the assignment.

The following tips are designed to help you structure your thoughts:

  • Compose a thesis statement that sets the guidelines for the entire paper.
  • Create effective transitions between the parts of the essay.
  • Come up with three subtopics that expand your main idea.
  • Use quotations and facts from Romeo and Juliet to support your point of view.
  • Be creative and avoid getting stuck on the formalism of academic writing.
  • Synthesize a conclusion in light of the information provided in the body of your paper.

Original Expository Essay Topics to Consider

You can get a list of sample topics related to Romeo and Juliet at the school writing center, on the webpage of your course, and on the Web. It also makes sense to ask your academic advisor to share a few great topic ideas. The following list of topics is worth considering as well:

  1. Write about how fate brought Romeo and Juliet together.
  2. Reveal the theme of forbidden love in the play.
  3. Compare the feelings of Romeo for Juliet and Rosaline.
  4. Describe how the lowers decided to achieve their goals.
  5. Investigate why Mercutio hated Tybalt.
  6. Explain the rules of marriage in the 16th century.
  7. Contrast the characters of Tybalt and Romeo.
  8. Explain the suicidal impulse of the main characters.
  9. Discuss other choices open to the lowers.
  10. Examine the passage of time in the play.
  11. Analyze the parents-children relationship in Romeo and Juliet.
  12. Contrast Romeo and Juliet to Shakespeare’s other heroes.
  13. Focus your essay on the feelings of Romeo’s parents about their son.
  14. Argue that Romeo and Juliet were rebels in the modern context.
  15. Explain what role Friar served in the play.

Killing Animals For Food

We all eat to survive, in fact, every living organism on the face of the earth must consume some form of energy containing material in order to grow and reproduce. This is natural, it;s the cycle of life and we, humans, are part of it just as any other living thing.


Fossil records show that humans were not always omnivores, at one time in our history we were purely vegetarians and it is only after we had started eating meat, along with the discovery of fire, did our brains expand enough to allow us to become the complicated beings we are today.

So according to the Theory of Evolution, eating meat is what enabled us to rise above the other animals and become a civilized species yet many people argue that we are not supposed to be eating meat because it is wrong for many silly reasons, most of them ethical and conservationist.

This is ridiculous, we have canine teeth for a reason plus much of the population of earth loves meat with a passion. Why must we deprive ourselves of something we love simply because a group of people believe it unethical or unnatural?

Benefits of meat consumption

Meat provides many nutrients and minerals in compact form and we would otherwise have to consume large amounts of vegetables should we decide to exclude meat from our diets.

We can also control animal populations quite easily and their are many benefits to rearing them as well. For instance, we get lots of manure from their wastes and this significantly reduces our dependency on fossil fuels for fertilizers which reduces green house gases significantly.

Negative effects of meat

Meat is a little harder to digest than vegetables and they decompose into very toxic substances that can be harmful if consumed. Rotting meat also provides environments where bacteria can breed and multiply easily, sometimes resulting in diseases.

Poorly cooked meat can also cause serious illness, like food poisoning and many cases have been caused by busy restaurants where meals are sometimes rushed.

In the modern age, many people claim that eating meat places too much work on our digestive systems since they were not designed to deal with meat. They claim that eating strictly plant matter can help one stay younger, for longer.

As humans it is necessary for us to consider the lives of other living beings, however, it is also necessary for us to observe the laws of nature, and in nature, survival of the fittest is all that matters.

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