Video gaming has faced a lot of opposition and bad covering by the press. Parents and some education experts also criticize video games as time wasters. Worse still, they claim that video games corrupt the brains of the youths, and it is the main contributor to the violent and the extreme antisocial behavior among the youth today. However, psychologists have carried out extensive research that shows that video gaming may have many positive effects on the young people. Arguably, video games make kids smart and nature some sense of high-level thinking that is necessary for future. Better still, video games have immense influence on the social behavior of children and the youth. The effects may be both negative and positive. Therefore, it is not appropriate to sacrifice video games because of some of the ways through which video games affect the social behavior.

Does Video Gaming Promote Antisocial Behavior?

The picture that comes into the minds of many when they hear of video games is a youth seated in front of a TV set with a pad in the hands. Many may conclude that such kids have been turned into antisocial beings. However, research has shown that only 24 percent of the gamers play alone. The remaining percentage is made up of those that play to compete with others. Playing partners may comprise of friends in the same room and at times, some friends that are made online on the gaming sites. This shows that gaming promotes a social culture. The connection with friends for the purpose of gaming creates a social atmosphere. Most of the time, this atmosphere last and extends beyond the gaming console.

Social skills

Research further shows that majority of the gamers play various sorts of games. This exposes them to different skills and behaviors. Unfortunately, most of the games are violent and will require you to kill so as to make it to the last stage. This may promote the violent behavior among the youths. However, some games require some feelings. This helps promote prosocial behavior among the young people. Such games will require the player to assist, try helping and saving others to earn points. Other games will need the youths to work together or in a group towards a common goal. This helps develop the spirit of a team player in the gamers. Unfortunately there not many of the prosocial games those are available today.