Writing a good college essay is challenging. It is challenging for several reasons, including not understanding your audience and having a lot of disorganized content. If you don’t understand your audience well, writing will be difficult because you will struggle with guesting to address your content. On the other hand, having too many ideas tripping over each other to get on paper can be challenging. Writing may also be problematic because you lack the content to put on paper. You may have trouble formulating sentences to write.

Having the ability to write well Is an advantage to your side. You will never encounter situations where you are running out of content and putting on paper once directed to make a write-up. With good writing skills, you will be able to go through situations that need compelling essays to show your feeling, save a life, or even make a case clear. Through essay writing and study of language, you can change your thinking and perspective about life. Develop a habit of reading and writing essays to broaden your scope about different life aspects.

Since there is no life ridding on your college essay, you can have ample time to revisit the writing guidelines and produce a good piece.

To develop a good essay, do the following:

Be Clear

Your essay should be straightforward and easy to read. Structure your sentences correctly to give your piece an easy flow. The reader should be able to read and understand your content within minimal time.

Read Widely

To produce a good essay, go through other writers’ papers to discover some tips they use to create goods essays. There are numerous tests that you can use as a reference. Reading books will expand your thinking and language hence improving your essay writing skills. It would be best if you be keen not to fall prey to the wrong content. Find authorized books to lead.

Be Yourself

 Most of the application essays are not appealing. The majority of the applications are dramatic, boring, impenetrable, or even both. Content explained in books is not good enough to help learners produce an excellent essay. Some book authors use some students’ work as an illustration of how to write a college essay.  They end recycling lifeless and dull content in their books for commercial gain. A good report should focus on your personality. Make sure you maintain your real character in the write-up. Do not waste yourself searching for duplicated content and force it into your essay.

Avoid Misleading Content

From the above explanation, it is clear that not all books have the right content for guiding you in your essay writing. Some have misleading content. Confirm with your teacher or experienced writer about the right book to help in writing.

Be Specific

Avoid producing generic content in your essay writing. The content should be brief and direct to the point. The reader should find it easy to locate the main points in your content as they read through.

Write Interesting Content

Avoid choosing boring topics. Begin by selecting exciting issues. Your essay should be lively and captivating.


When writing your essay, ensure that your content is clear, engaging, specific, and reflects your personality.