We all eat to survive, in fact, every living organism on the face of the earth must consume some form of energy containing material in order to grow and reproduce. This is natural, it;s the cycle of life and we, humans, are part of it just as any other living thing.


Fossil records show that humans were not always omnivores, at one time in our history we were purely vegetarians and it is only after we had started eating meat, along with the discovery of fire, did our brains expand enough to allow us to become the complicated beings we are today.

So according to the Theory of Evolution, eating meat is what enabled us to rise above the other animals and become a civilized species yet many people argue that we are not supposed to be eating meat because it is wrong for many silly reasons, most of them ethical and conservationist.

This is ridiculous, we have canine teeth for a reason plus much of the population of earth loves meat with a passion. Why must we deprive ourselves of something we love simply because a group of people believe it unethical or unnatural?

Benefits of meat consumption

Meat provides many nutrients and minerals in compact form and we would otherwise have to consume large amounts of vegetables should we decide to exclude meat from our diets.

We can also control animal populations quite easily and their are many benefits to rearing them as well. For instance, we get lots of manure from their wastes and this significantly reduces our dependency on fossil fuels for fertilizers which reduces green house gases significantly.

Negative effects of meat

Meat is a little harder to digest than vegetables and they decompose into very toxic substances that can be harmful if consumed. Rotting meat also provides environments where bacteria can breed and multiply easily, sometimes resulting in diseases.

Poorly cooked meat can also cause serious illness, like food poisoning and many cases have been caused by busy restaurants where meals are sometimes rushed.

In the modern age, many people claim that eating meat places too much work on our digestive systems since they were not designed to deal with meat. They claim that eating strictly plant matter can help one stay younger, for longer.

As humans it is necessary for us to consider the lives of other living beings, however, it is also necessary for us to observe the laws of nature, and in nature, survival of the fittest is all that matters.