Finding a good essay idea may seem easy until you start writing it. Your minds may get blank with no thought to put on paper. In such a situation, you are likely to overthink. If you are planning to write another essay, then read this article to an end. It will prove ideas on different themes and help build a relationship on various topics. The article will help you generate more ideas for your problem solution essay.
Choosing a good topic is not enough for a quality essay. You should go an extra mile in using your writing skills. You need to organize your paper in a unique way to make it compelling. Below is an example of a good essay topic.

Relationship topic ideas

There are several essay topics on relationships. Make a selection of your best from the list below.

  1. Taking the next step when you are friends
  2. It is possible to stop social media bullying
  3. Methods of helping a depressed person
  4. Walking away from toxic relationships
  5. The best ways of handling the weakness of overbearing individuals
  6. Heling friends out of bad lifestyle choices
  7. Should women approach men for relationships
  8. The long term impact of texting and face to face communication in a relationship
  9. Explain the real relationship in the current generation
  10. Embracing the cultural, social status and race differences
  11. Group hindrances that call for change
  12. Problem solution aspect of the informative essay

Give detailed information on your problem. When crafting your content, do not leave a gap that will make the reader search for more information. Providing scanty information will make the reader look at the content with your similar perspective. He will be able to pinpoint the weakness that you could have otherwise worked from them.
Understand the solution to your main problem. There is a solution to every problem. The efficiency of the solution may vary in the applicability. Some solution is applicable while others are not applicable. Since you are after the reader’s attention, try providing workable solutions.
Make all your solutions visible. Be clear when providing your answer to the problem. Illustrate the best way or solving the problem and its cost. Convince the reader on how effective the effectiveness of the solution.
Convince the reader with your solution. Tell the reader that your answer is the best alternative to the problem.

Social problems that essay should address

Essay writing is an opportunity to bring on board what people neglect in the community. Additionally, that is a prime time to get hold of the reader’s attention. Try bringing a solution to the problems people that people are aware of.

  1. Example of the poverty topics that need solutions
  2. Providing solution to the challenge of homeless people in the community
  3. School dropout and need to maintain the student in school
  4. The best way of reducing cases of teenage pregnancy
  5. Find ways of preventing drug abuse among children
  6. How to stop drunk drivers
  7. Preventing divorce in marriages
  8. Dealing with racism cases
  9. Helping victims of family violence
  10. Controlling the instances of illegal migrations
  11. Topics on the sports news and information
  12. Limiting the use of steroids in sport
  13. Should college athletes receive payment or not?
  14. Tricking a balance between sports, academic, and work among college students
  15. Best ways for coachers to motivate the athletes
  16. Best ways of preparing an athlete for their best sport
  17. How to increase the number of fans attending a sporting event?
  18. The best ways of preparing the team for a tough match

The above list is not inclusive of all the topmost topic for your informative essay. You can add more. Always work on the best topic.